Term Insurance

Term insurance, a type of life coverage, cover an insured individual for a specific timeframe or years. In the event, if the insured individual dies, the death benefit is paid out. No payout is made if the insured survives the timeframe.

What is Term Insurance

Term Insurance is the most basic form of life Insurance. Term Insurance empower you to secure your family financially, by offering a high life coverage cover sum for a generally low premium instalment. These plans are designed to let you keep your family secure and financially independent, in your absence.

Need of Term Insurance

Term plans provide pure life cover. This means there is no savings/profits component. They are basic plans which make life insurance more affordable vis-à-vis other options. It is possible for the policyholder to opt for a larger life cover at a lower premium when compared to a similar endowment plan.

In the event of an unforeseen situation, to take care of your liabilities and responsibilities, Term Insurance will take care all of your needs. It will secure your family’s future.

Buy a Term Insurance Policy and Protect your family.