Car Insurance FAQ


Here is the complete list of documents required for Car Insurance Claim:

  • The duly filled claim form.
  • The Registration Certificate (RC) copy of vehicle.
  • Original estimates of loss.
  • Repair invoice and payment receipt.
  • For theft claims, the copy of FIR (First Information Report).

A Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover your car from instances of theft, fire and vandalism. It also protects from natural disasters such as cyclone, floods, earthquakes or from civil disturbance such as riots, which damages your car.

  • Damages when the policy is not active.
  • Damages due to oil leakage.
  • Damages when the driver/owner is breaking the law.
  • Damages when you don’t follow manufacturer’s guidelines.

As you fit the CNG/LPG Kit, it is necessary to inform both the Road Transport Authority (RTA) where the vehicle is registered and your Insurance Company. The RTA will make a note of the change in the Registration Certificate (RC), and the Insurance Company will inform you about the payment of extra premium for the value of the kit to be covered under the “OD” and “TP” sections.

The customer service manager from Acme Insurance will get in touch with you. This happens within 24 hours of claim registration. Once the manager reaches the appointed place, you need to submit the copy of documents to him and get the originals verified.The manager will get the estimate for the repairs of your car. He will give spot approval after inspection. Once the repair process is completed at one of the network garages, the company will pay the bills directly to the garage (as per the terms stated in the policy).

ARAI stands for Automotive Research Association of India. If you have installed an ARAI approved anti-theft device in your vehicle, whose installation is dully certified by the agency, you can get a discount of 2.5% on the Own Damage (OD) premium subject to a maximum of ₹500.

A premium bearing endorsement is an endorsement for which additional premium is charged. For example, Transfer of ownership, Addition of LPG/ CNG kit, Change of RTO location, etc.

The third party car insurance only covers your legal liability for any loss and damages to the third party because of your car. It will not cover you or your car for any damage suffered.

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a discount on a premium of the Own Damage (OD) portion of your vehicle when you renew your policy, provided you have not made any claim during the last policy period. The NCB can be accumulated up to a maximum limit of 50% on OD premium.You can transfer the full benefits of NCB, even when you shift your motor insurance to Acme Insurance from any other Insurance company.

The premium payable for your vehicle depends on the below factors:
• Cubic capacity of the engine
• Age of vehicle
• Geographical Zone
• Type of Model
• Insured Declared Value (IDV)